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Nancy Crooks


Nancy Crooks | Handspring BodyworkNancy Crooks has been helping patients get out of pain and get their lives back for nearly 30 years. Her search for the most effective means of helping people enjoy life more has led her to specialize in Mechanical Link (ML), an osteopathic approach developed in France. Nancy is one of fewer than twenty therapists and doctors in the US who use ML exclusively. This drug-free, manual therapy is a very gentle but powerful approach that addresses many problems simultaneously through the connective tissue system.

Migraine headaches, chronic pelvic pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica and many other stubborn, hard to treat problems respond well to the Mechanical Link approach. Most patients see a marked difference with just a few sessions.

Nancy also has extensive experience with cancer survivors, through her work at Cancer Services, Inc. Surgical scars can create a lot of discomfort as they put the entire connective tissue system under tension, often in distorted ways. Releasing the skin around a scar can result in less pain, greater range of motion, and improved healing.

Nancy also works with children, infants and pregnant women. Mechanical Link is so gentle that it is safe for people in all stages of life.

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